The Heywood in Pandemic Times

The Heywood has always been and always will be about people. It's about getting together with current and future friends and riding bikes through stunning terrain. Experiencing grueling climbs, cursing headwinds and relishing tailwinds, and at the end, planning for next year over a friendly beverage. That experience will have to wait.

We (Marty and Ben) are not willing to risk having anyone of our family, friends, volunteers, participants or their support crews get sick. Of course we want to show off our roads and see ALL of you enjoy our town. When you come to ride, we want you to do this without worrying about contracting COVID-19.

In keeping with the City of Northfield and State of MN guidelines, based on today's conditions there is no way we can in good conscience proceed with the event. It breaks our hearts.

We do plan to hold a virtual ride event on Saturday, May 15th, 9 am. We're working out what this will be now - details to follow!

Be kind, and be well,

Marty and Ben