Heywood 390

For those hearty souls opting for the 390-mile route, we have a couple of additional requirements.

In the interest of safety (and your own fandom), we need each 390 rider to carry a GPS tracker. This helps us know when to expect riders back at the finish circle. Most of you are ultra racers who are used to this and probably have a tracker as part of your standard kit. For those who don’t, we are partnering with Trackleaders, and any of you will be able to rent a device for the ride if you don’t own one of your own. If that fee is a financial burden you aren’t able to take on, get in touch with us, and we can work it out.

The other ask we have for our 390 riders is to please let us know if you are dropping out at any point so we know that you’re safe.

You will need to register on the Trackleaders feed and rent a GPS tracking device (if you don’t have one). We’ll post a form here and let you know when it’s available.

If you’re out on course and decide to drop, please shoot us a text at (507) 403-0047 to let us know.