Largely the same as last year, although there are some significant changes to the 390 route.

We also offer a 30-mile course to welcome riders who might not be ready to take on the longer distances. This route is specifically set with new riders in mind, with signs guiding riders along the course. In an effort to lower the intimidation barrier, we're taking navigation off of your list.

All the routes can be found on Ride with GPS. Cue sheets will not be provided. However, you will be able to print out cue sheets from Ride with GPS or download route files to your GPS for navigation. Links to each route can be found below.

There MIGHT be aid stations. We don’t control where they will go, or if they will show up. Be prepared to not have any! Keep an eye out for Urland Lutheran Church on Hwy 9. The 55-mile course goes right by here at mile 33. On the 110 and 165 courses, the church is slightly off route at mile 33. The 110 will also pass this point at mile 78. You’re also likely to find snacks available for cash purchase here.

Convenience stores: Just before mile 70 of the 110-mile route in Cannon Falls is a natural foods store/restaurant. Mile 93.5 (mile 147 for the 165-mile riders) offers up Nerstrand Meats and a c-store just across the street. Bring monies! The meat market is WORTH it. Trust us.