First and foremost:


What does this mean? Carry what you need to get yourself back to town. We don’t have sag wagons. If you bust yourself or your bike, you’ll need to get yourself back.

No Kooks allowed. Obey the rules of the road. Be a good rider! There is no intersection control once we leave town.

There MIGHT be aid stations. We don’t control where they will go, or if they will show up. Be prepared to not have any! There is ONE spot at Urland Lutheran Church on Hwy 9 that can handle aid station capabilities. The course for the 50 goes right by here at mile 33. The 110 course is slightly off route at mile 33. The 110 will also pass this point at mile 78.

Convenience stores: Just before mile 70 in Cannon Falls is a natural foods store/restaurant. Mile 93.5 offers up Nerstrand Meats and a c-store just across the street. Bring monies! The meat market is WORTH it. Trust us.