The Heywood Ride

The Heywood Ride was created from the desire to bring people together and offer them shared experiences.

When you register for The Heywood Ride you will not need to designate which route you plan to finish. Each distance will have its own start time. You are a participant of the event, not each individual route. Simply register as a participant, come get your number plate, and choose your own adventure.

Registration is a flat $25. Just twenty-five bucks. We don’t want entry fees to be a barrier. If you want to come ride, please do.

That said, there are significant costs to putting on an event of this magnitude. We are accepting good will donations. We have no corporate sponsorship. Your help insures that The Heywood stays a sustainable, grassroots event.

When you enter the finish area, we will have a photographer available to take your photo. In that picture there will be a displayed time of finish. Those images will be shared online in chronological order. While the finishing photos are not separated by route, you’ll get to see how you fit in to the overall event writ large, and those photos will be available to download for free.

Photos will be available to download in the week after the event.

We’re beyond excited to see you in May. Please send us any questions you may have.

Until then,

Marty, Ben, and Mike.


If you want to know a little more about why we decided to move away from donation-only funding, here are some more thoughts on the matter.